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All Hands In

Who Can Join?

The IELC is open to not-for-profit 501(c)3 organizations and state or local government agencies working on conservation and environmental issues. Due to the nature of our vendor agreements, we are not able to accept academic institutions, federal agencies, or public libraries at this time.

Our new member registration period runs from June to August of each year. Prospective or interested members may reach out any time, and will be enrolled from June to August for the next membership year, which begins January 1. During enrollment, you will select the products you intend to subscribe to for the membership year. Negotiation with vendors for pricing takes place after the enrollment period.

IELC members must:

  • Pay an annual membership fee or 4% of any journal or database packages they subscribe to. This fee can be waived if you join an IELC committee

  • Support basic maintenance of consortium services such as web hosting and LibGuides

  • Have an organization signatory sign the IELC MOU

  • Sign and return the annual subscription survey (August) and the pricing estimate (December)

If you have any additional questions, contact us via the form below.


How does pricing of my subscriptions work?
Can I determine the cost in advance of selection?

We can only provide estimates from previous years in advance. Any prices we can disclose are subject to yearly increases from the publishers. If your organization has an existing account with the publisher or provider, it may prohibit or effect IELC pricing. 

Every year, each IELC member has the opportunity to fill-out a subscription survey that will be the basis of their quote for the next subscription year. Individual libraries then can select the items that will fit within their budgets.

How to Join

  1. Contact the IELC administrator and Membership Committee:

    •  Mary M. Maguire | Director, Library Services | World Resources Institute | email via form below

  2. Fill out the membership application and agree to the terms of the MOU. 

  3. Complete the product order form. All members complete the form each year.

NOTE: Inquiries may be made at any time, but applications will only be accepted from June - August for membership and subscription for the following year.  Subscriptions start January 1.

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back with you shortly.

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